You may remember, over two years ago, the various planning apps for the Porthleven Arts Hotel. The developer finally got his PP but started work preparing the site without a licence from Natural England. In fact the net loft was destroyed and since it was a roost for one Pipistrelle then that constituted a suspected Wildlife Crime. The Police then became involved and investigated the whole issue.

Update… The Police have, unfortunately, dropped the case. As far as I can ascertain, the reason was that the developer blamed the contractor and the contractor blamed the developer and the Police didn’t think it worth their time for the sake of one homeless Pipistrelle. And without a current bat survey we don’t know what has happened to the Greater and Lesser Horshoe bats that frequented the bat-cave next to the Lime Kiln.

However, what they did say to the developer was to reinforce the requirement of absolutely no construction work until a Natural England licence is issued. Watch this space!

Update again: The hotel idea seems to have fallen out of favour. There is a new planning app’ – PA23/10049 – for a block of 5 flats with a couple of retail premises on the ground floor. There are still questions about the bat access to the cave which the County Ecologist is looking into before publishing a report through the planning portal. Fingers crossed!…:)